Electronic Sources


Kelime.com allows you to search for words, phrases, patterns, proverbs, idioms, people, works, events and places in dozens of dictionaries in 10 languages. It helps you see in which language, parts of speech, form and gender the entry you find gets in, what it means in which dictionary registered in the database, and in which phrase, idiom and proverb the word you are looking for is included.


Wikilala is a digital library that allows "research" in Ottoman texts (newspapers, magazines, books and documents) printed after the invention of the printing press. There is currently no library that allows the curious or academic researchers to make research in Ottoman texts in Latin script.


eOsmanlıca is an educational platform consisting of 79 lessons. With the gamified (true/false, matching, stylish and write what you see, etc.) system specially designed for this platform, e-Osmanlıca is designed to appeal to and teach the Ottoman script everyone at every age from 7 to 70.

Library Location

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