Living Spaces

Traditional Handicrafts and Book Sales Stores operate in the museums and libraries under the auspices of the DÖSİMM (Central Directorate of Circulating Capital Management). The Rami Library also houses a bookstore.

​The three cafes within the Rami Library’s expansive landscaped area serve hot and cold beverages as well as various foods. Food and beverages from the cafes must be consumed in the area and are not permitted in the Library.

The Multimedia Section offers a collection of cassettes, video recordings, video compact discs (VCD), digital versatile discs (DVD) and compact discs (CD), allowing users to browse a wide range of audio and visual resources.

çocuklar boya yapmakta

Workshop activities are designed to encourage children and young people to explore and discover.

çalışma ve kütüphane alanı

The Reading Halls are open around the clock and provide a comfortable and spacious space for visitors to read, study or conduct research.

A primary objective of the Rami Library is to ensure that the Library experience is accessible to every individual.

eski yazma eserleri sergi salonu

The Exhibition Halls can accommodate exhibits ranging from fine art to recycled products. The natural lighting in the Halls is supported by spotlights, while movable exhibition elements present artworks in accordance with artists’ concepts.

seminer salonu

Seminar halls in the Rami Library are specially designed for workshops, seminars and conferences, as well as educational, cultural and artistic events. A variety of events can be hosted in the seminar halls, which feature video projection, smart lighting and a state-of-the-art digital sound system.

Library Location

Rami Kışla Müdürlüğü, Yeni Rami Mahallesi,
Rami Kışla Caddesi, No. 98/1 Eyüpsultan / İstanbul
0 (212) 934 38 55