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Donation Policy of Rami Library

Since we are a library that serves all fields and purposes and appeals to users of all ages with our “Public Library” identity, we need to specify our donation principles and limits. Donations will be accepted to the Library after the examination of the work or collection subject to donation and the approval of this work or collection at the end of the examination, in the accordance with the following articles:

Criteria for Material Selection and Donations:

After the donation date, donor’s identity information and e-mail addresses are received, the works subject to donation will be examined according to the following criteria and the result of this examination will be notified to donors:

  • The publications to be donated need to have suitable qualifications for Rami Library, should not lose their current and scientific character, should be sufficient for education, or should be socially and culturally supportive for researchers.
  • In terms of content, publications including political propaganda with the aim of directing people and publications banned by judicial decision cannot be accepted as a donation.
  • Publications and information sources that are physically damaged, with missing pages and stamps belonging to other institutions cannot be accepted as a donation.
  • Primary and high school textbooks, duplications, photocopied or pirated publications and information sources cannot be accepted as a donation.
  • In donations related to Physical Sciences, the continuity of the publications is taken into consideration. In donations related to Social Sciences, publications that have the qualification of literary work can be accepted as a donation.
  • Newspapers, newspapers’ promotional publications and periodicals that are out of print, separate editions of articles of magazines cannot be accepted as a donation.
  • In periodicals; the publications that do not provide the integrity of the volume, the publications that don’t provide integrity with the current collection, single volumes and separate editions of the articles cannot be accepted as a donation.
  • Multi-volume works such as journals, encyclopedias, etc. whose binding integrity cannot be ensured, cannot be accepted as a donation.
  • Documents containing personel notes of the donor and other private documents and items cannot be accepted as a donation, as they cannot be included in the library collection.
  • Donors cannot claim any rights or demands related to their donations.
  • A special collection or rack that would impair the integrity of the collection cannot be created in the library. However, if the donated publications constitute a rich manuscript collection or rare works, a special section can be created for them.
  • If a collective donation is to be granted to our library, petitions and book samples should be shared with our Directorate.
  • Our Directorate has all rights related to donations that it receives. The library can add donations to the library collection, sort out or donate to other institutions.

For donations, please contact: [email protected]

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