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Sustainability Policy

We leave our mark on life by adopting sustainable growth strategies to bequeath a healthier world to future generations. We view social, environmental and economic issues as connected, and evaluate them within the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Our primary responsibilities for social, environmental and economic issues include;

Respecting universal human rights

According highest priority to occupational health and safety

Evaluating the environmental aspects of our activities

Accepting that equality of opportunity is a foundation of social sustainability

Ensuring the equal and effective participation of women in business and increasing employment of women

Presenting a responsible approach toward our employees to provide a work-life balance

Using natural resources efficiently

Reducing water consumption and collecting rainwater

Working according to the principle of avoiding waste at the source

Working according to the principle of “preventing pollution at the outset rather than cleaning up” in our activities

Using renewable and efficient energy

Ensuring that the products and services we develop are environmentally friendly, safe, durable and of high quality