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Rami Kütüphanesi
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The Rami Library’s Sustainability Journey


Holding Türkiye’s first Biosphere Sustainable Museum Certificate, the Rami Library adheres to the principles of sustainability in every aspect, including its restoration techniques and infrastructure systems, as well as the structure that supports local cultural life, the ancient resources and knowledge the Library preserves for future generations, and the new green living space the Library provides for the people of İstanbul.

During the careful restoration process, parts of the building, which had been destroyed over time, were reconstructed with natural and local materials conforming to the original materials and building techniques. The historical building is thus brought to the present and future while preserving its original structure. In addition, taking all the necessary steps for sustainable architecture, systems for water quality, waste management, sustainable infrastructure and energy efficiency were put into practice.

Featuring 51,000-square-meters of indoor landscaped area and a 1,000-square-meter artificial pond surrounded by trees, the Rami Library offers an expansive new green space that brings a breath of fresh air to İstanbul’s residents and visitors. The exhibition areas and halls in the Library’s garden are surrounded by walking and biking paths, presenting distinctive experiences enriched with nature, culture and art.

The Library’s biology and chemistry laboratories, where the restoration of books is carried out through scientific studies, enable the preservation and transfer of ancient knowledge to future generations, as do the Şifahane and the archives.

By hosting social, cultural and art events throughout the year, the Library contributes to the creation of a new heritage in İstanbul.