Rami Kütüphanesi
Rami Kütüphanesi
Eser Adı
İstanbul Rami Kütüphanesi

The Rami Library established
in the restored Rami Barracks

İstanbul Embraces
its Largest Living Library!

Yaşayan Mekan

24-Hour Living Library

Yaşayan Mekan

A Place That Lives with Events

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Rami Kütüphanesi Tarihçe

The Rami Barracks, an Ottoman-era structure originally erected in the 1770s, has been restored as the Rami Library – the window to information for İstanbul and Türkiye.

250 Years of History Resources for the Future

Following the restoration, renovation and reconstruction works carefully carried out by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Türkiye, the historical Rami Barracks is ready to become the largest living library in İstanbul.

The Rami Library, a witness to the past, a source for the future and bearing the full splendour of its 250-year history, is designed as an expansive complex offering individual and group reading halls, workshop and event spaces, and a centre designed specifically for people with disabilities, along with talks, seminars, exhibitions and other presentations.

Catering to a wide range of users – from children and teens to university students and academics – the Library serves readers and researchers around the clock with 24-hour reading rooms.

Rami Kütüphanesi Hakkında

Variety of Qualified Books

The Rami Library serves readers of all ages and interests with its diverse collection of printed and rare works.

Rami Kütüphanesi Hakkında

Seating Capacity for 4,200 People

With a seating capacity of 4,200 people, the Rami Library has the largest seating capacity in İstanbul.

Rami Kütüphanesi Hakkında

36,000 m² Enclosed Area

The Rami Library covers an enclosed area of 36,000 square meters.

Rami Kütüphanesi Hakkında

51,000 m² Green Area

With green areas totalling 51,000 square meters, the Rami Library is the world’s largest library with an enclosed landscape area.

Sustainable Library Design

Holding Türkiye’s first Biosphere Sustainable Museum Certificate, the Rami Library adheres to the principles of sustainability in every aspect, including its restoration techniques and infrastructure systems, as well as the structure that supports local cultural life, the ancient resources and knowledge the Library preserves for future generations, and the new green living space the Library provides for the people of İstanbul.