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Bibliotherapy Practices in the Library

Lifelong learning, lifelong well-being...

The Bibliotherapy Library Project, which was prepared in partnership with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Rami Library and Marmara University was developed as a bibliotherapy project by the two institutions in order to develop counseling and guidance-oriented user services in Rami Library and to pioneer the other libraries in this regard.

The Bibliotherapy Library Project (BLP) aims to support community-based mental health promotion efforts within this scope of librarianship services. Bibliotherapy, which means healing with books is divided into two as clinical bibliotherapy and developmental bibliotherapy. While clinical bibliotherapy practices carried out by psychologists for therapeutic purposes, developmental bibliotherapy practices carried out by librarians include preventive and protective practices for mental health both adults and children.The project aims to develop a healthy society through the well-being of individuals in society and the culture of society through book reading, has many national goals.

In the first year of the project, which was planned for three years, the aim was to develop bibliotherapy practices in Rami Library and turn it into a regular library service. In the first six months of this term, the project team's pilot studies on bibliotherapy were completed at the end of 2023. In the first six months of 2024, Rami Library's bibliotherapy practice was planned to be offered as a routine library service. Within the scope of the project, many activities such as reading activities, book clubs and counseling sessions will take a place with the academic bibliotherapy trainings and pilot studies of the project team. 72 hours of theoretical training, 9 pilot applications, 36 adult workshops, 47 children's workshops, 10 panels, 48 seminars and 37 interviews were held, reaching a total of 8583 people.

In the second year of the project, a 'Bibliotherapy Training Center' is planned to be established within the Rami Library. Thus, it is aimed to disseminate bibliotherapy practices in other libraries by providing developmental bibliotherapy trainer trainings for librarians working in other libraries.

In the third year of the project, a "Bibliotherapy Research and Application Center" is planned to be established in the Rami Library and become a national bibliotherapy center. When the project is completed the Turkish version of bibliotherapy centers which have various examples in developed countries will be established in the Rami Library as an example that includes both practice, education and research.

The Bibliotherapy Library Project which is prepared in partnership with Rami Library and Marmara University which is coordinated by Rami Library Director Ali Çelik and Assistant Director Levent Polat and carried out by Librarian Zeynep Gözde Şen. The lead researchers of the Bibliotherapy Library Project are Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehlika Karagözoğlu from Marmara University, Dr. Funda Yeşil from Medeniyet University and researcher Assoc. Prof. Dr. Güssün Güneş from Marmara University.

Heal with books, strengthen with words!

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